The Complete Business Management Solution for Hospitality

Since 2001, we have worked with some of the UK’s leading hospitality chains to provide complete business management software dedicated to growing their success. We then applied our knowedge and their every wish into a truly incredible cloud based system launched this year. Seeing it is believing it.

So far this year we have processed 1,870,472,051 in sales and 585,839,752 in wages.

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 ‘We chose Polaris because it is intuitive for site managers to use and highly geared to the numerous demands of the hospitality industry. Along with increased controls we have real time reporting that is essential to our business planning. Polaris provides flexibility throughout and is a cost effective solution for the controls and visibility within a multi-site organisation.

Colin Stokes, Kornicis Group


‘Polaris provides us the essential intelligence to understand and flex to our customers’ current and predicted purchasing patterns, to implement applicable promotions, and apply staff resources most efficiently.’

Rupert Bagnall, Operations Director

We have dynamically grown to become the UK’s leading Latin American restaurant chain, with 35 restaurants spread throughout the UK and more in development. Polaris is instrumental in managing our ever expanding business, providing payroll controls, forecasting, and relevant daily and weekly financial information all in real time.’

Kieron Pollock, Finance Director